July 20, 2017


Robins residents have best average credit score in Iowa


Corridor Business Journal
Business Daily
July 18, 2017


If you're looking for the most creditworthy Iowans, a good place to start would be Robins.


A new analysis by LendEDU calculated the average VantageScore 3.0 credit score for residents of every community in the state and ranked them.


Robins came out on top, with an average score of 783 - not a huge surprise, considering the city also ranks highly in metrics like average home price and median income. The average home sold in Robins goes for about $285,000, according to the real estate information site Trulia, and the median household income is $107,639, according to BestPlaces.net.


Swisher in rural Johnson County ranked fifth, with an average


VantageScore of 769. Among the larger Corridor communities, Marion stood out at No. 116, with an average score of 730. Coralville and Iowa City came in at No. 167 and No. 169, respectively, with scores in the 722 range. Cedar Rapids came in at No. 311, with an average of 702.


LendEDU, a graduate of the Iowa Startup Accelerator, offers information and news on student loan programs and financial aid policy. It used the credit rating service Experian's Premiere Aggregated Credit Statistics data set to come up with the average scores and community rankings.




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